Obama’s Post-American World via Mastersen’s Musings

Dreams coming true

Imagine you were watching a movie in 2008, and in that movie a candidate for American President was portrayed as a man who would fan the flames of radical Islam around the world, pursue feckless policies that would embolden America’s enemies (including retreat and a global apology tour), abandon America’s allies either overtly (England) or indirectly, openly embrace Marxist dictators including Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers in Cuba, and turn his back on American diplomats who end up getting murdered in hostile foreign lands and dragged through the streets (while people in his own administration push Orwellian propaganda to cover up his culpability, and yet keep their jobs even after having been exposed)…

You would leave the theater shaking your head saying — “Things are tough around here, but thank god it hasn’t gotten that bad yet…

Except that this movie is real, and it stars Barack Hussein Obama. Read more…

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