BPI reblog Daily Archives: January 6, 2014

Daily Archives: January 6, 2014

Jesus Christ and the Antichrist

Reblogged from Strangers and Aliens: Christ & Antichrist Author: Dave Hunt Source: The Berean Call – 7.01.1990 Anti is a Greek prefix which not only means “opposed to” but “in the place of.” Antichrist will indeed oppose Christ, but in … Continue reading



Reblogged from nebraskaenergyobserver: And so, in the last few days word has come through that Fallujah has fallen to the insurgents. If you recall during the surge our Marines made an extraordinarily gallant attack to secure the city. Their gallantry … Continue reading


2 Blacks Murder A Jew In NYC Who Was A Real Estate Developer. They Threw His Body In A Dumpster

Reblogged from The Mad Jewess: 2 Blacks Murder A Jew In NYC Who Was A Real Estate Developer. They Dumped His Body In A Dumpster Some are saying that Stark owed millions of dollars and was a slum-lord.  People that … Continue reading


Congress Throws Veterans Under the Bus for Illegal Immigrants

Reblogged from ACGR’s “News with Attitude”: John Hawkins 1/2/2014 Source ….. In Washington, it is often said that the parties can’t get along. As the country found out with the terrible Ryan-Murray budget deal that just passed Congress, the only … Continue reading


Basic Christianity Book Review Part 1

Reblogged from Christian Resource Ministry: For several years now Walt has been encouraging me to read Basic Christianity by John R.W. Stott, saying that it is a valuable book for every Christian to read once a year. Finally this year … Continue reading


Muslim jihadi wears concrete shield to protect genitals for his 72 virgins

Reblogged from : No, this is not a joke. This is how utterly insane and stupid these Muslims are. Besides, the oldest Quran from Saan’an never even mentions virgins but describes Janna (Muslim heaven) as a pleasant after-life with the … Continue reading


NSA sends “cease & desist” e-mail order after posting free speech photo of Obama

Reblogged from U.S. Constitutional Free Press: Shawna Cohen the day after I created this, I received a “cease & desist” e-mail from NSA pic.twitter.com/o8My9q3nNr WAKE UP AMERICA!!! THIS PERSON HAD HER EMAIL SHUT DOWN FOR SENDING THIS PHOTO… NSA sends … Continue reading


Al Qaeda takes Fallujah … Barack Obama: “Al Qaeda is decimated”

Reblogged from Cry and Howl: Barack Obama is a perpetual, pathological certified liar. I think the following will pretty much say it all … not to mention “keeping your health plan” … Via: Huffington Post Al Qaeda Forces In … Continue reading

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