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Benghazi: What is Fit Punishment for a President who Lies About the Murder of Americans Just to Get Re-elected ?

Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer:
Freedom Outpost Newly declassified testimonies about what happened among Pentagon officials the night of the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 have been obtained by Fox News. The documents show the U.S.…

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Anal sex condom study funded by US

What a perverted government we have. WTF? RT America Published on Jan 16, 2014 A company called TheyFit was just awarded a $224,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health for a study called, “Behavioral and Manufacturing Science to Commercially … Continue reading

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Bangladesh’s Brutal Jihadists Get Obama’s Backing via Atlas Shrugs

Obama knows exactly what he is trying to accomplish when it comes to Islam. His goal is to further Islam and if not stopped will eventually destroy these United States. His every action affirms this. Wake up folks, we are … Continue reading

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BPI reblog Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

Daily Archives: January 15, 2014 Stalinist Obama Purges Another 30 Plus Nuke Missile Officers. Imagine If This Was A FAR Right Wing Repub Doing This? Posted on January 15, 2014 by boudicabpi Reblogged from The Mad Jewess: Stalinist Obama Purges Another … Continue reading

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