Our heart’s response

Our heart’s response

Naomi Fata

Several days ago I did a review of Part II of Basic Christianity, which was about the doctrine of sin.

For those of us who have grown up in the church or have been in the church for some time we are familiar with the fact that we are sinners. I too had known about sin since childhood, but in my coming book I write about how I lack a heart knowledge of what sin was. I had confined sin to my actions rather than recognizing it as part of my fleshly nature.

As I finished writing the review the other day I felt led to write a response in the form of prose.20140125-064702.jpg

Touched by holiness
He reveals Himself
I see my blackened heart
Born in the flesh
Vying for control

To see the LORD
Shining on His throne
Humbled, broken, I am undone.
I see the chasm…

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