BPI reblog Daily Archives: January 25, 2014

Daily Archives: January 25, 2014

PBUH, Mayor Mohammed DeBlasio: ‘NYC Schools Off For Muslim Holidays’

Reblogged from The Mad Jewess: PBUH, Mayor Mohammed DeBlasio: ‘NYC Schools Off For Muslim Holidays’ DHIMMI. This piece of absolute garbag is working on banning the horse carriages in Central Park.  Advises Gov Andrew Cuomo he agrees that conservative, pro-lifers … Continue reading


Expected GOP Immigration Reform Creates Angst – We Answer The “Why Now” Question…

Reblogged from The Last Refuge: Jim Hoft at GateWayPundit asks: Democrats are hemorhaging over Obamacare and the destruction of the US health care system. One-sixth of the economy is affected and millions of Americans were repeatedly lied to by Democrats … Continue reading


The Stench of the Regime Is Thick: A List of Latest Conservative Targets

Reblogged from Socialism is not the Answer: Gateway Pundit Lois Lerner takes the 5th. Proably just a coincidence. Reader Joe sent this in to Pajamas Media— I am not a rocket scientist, but there seems to be some kind of … Continue reading


Baby-murdering CDC conspired to bury evidence of vaccine-induced fetal deaths

Reblogged from ACGR’s “News with Attitude”: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger 1/23/2014 Source ….. The CDC is engaged in infanticide by colluding with vaccine makers to hide the number of deaths caused by vaccines, explains a new investigation by the … Continue reading


Our heart’s response

Reblogged from Boudica BPI Weblog: Our heart’s response by boudicabpi Reblogged from Heart Knowledge with Na: Several days ago I did a review of Part II of Basic Christianity, which was about the doctrine of sin. For those of us … Continue reading


Looking forward to a new heaven and new earth

Reblogged from Christian Resource Ministry: Do we eagerly look forward to the day Christ comes for us? Do we struggle with the concept of leaving what is familiar on this earth? Last week our Sunday School lesson was on the … Continue reading

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