11 Year Old Writes Heart Wrenching Letter addressing “Gun Free Zones”

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Why gun free zones violate my right to be protected…as told by an eleven year old girl….must read

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11 Year Old Writes Heart Wrenching Letter addressing “Gun Free Zones”

While politicians are consistently attacking Americans second amendment rights through propaganda and lies children’s lives hang in the balance.  To push their political agenda they claim “they are doing it for the children” or “want to make America safer”. As adults fight it out in the political arena trying to push through “illegal” gun control laws the most innocent of America have become “defenseless targets” all for the sake of “political correctness”.  Their voices have been stifled by those claiming to know what is best for them while they have never walked in these children’s shoes.
I do wonder how they would respond to this amazing, heart wrenching letter from an eleven year old little girl. She asked that I share her story and her plea to do away with gun free zones while keeping her name out of the “public eye”. As you read her story you will understand why.

January 22, 2014

“Why gun free zones violate my right to be protected” (emphasis mine)

 “When I was six with my biological mother I was medically neglected, I had no education; I weighed 40 lbs and was beaten with rose bush switches. I slept in the back of a van and was starved. I didn’t even own one outfit. Have you ever been whipped with a rose bush switch until your legs bled and you had no one to protect you? Have you ever gone days without food while your so called parent ate in front of you? Have you ever had to sleep in the trunk of a van hidden by blankets and pillows so the police couldn’t see that was where you slept? Have you ever been forced to stay with a sex offender wondering when you would be hurt again? If not then you can’t possibly know what it is like to be helpless, scared for your life, and unprotected. But I do.

When I got with (the lady who is my guardian) my real mom she educated me, fed me, took care of all my medical needs including surgeries, clothed me and protected me. I was still very scared because of what my biological mother had done, had allowed, and her threat and promise to kidnap me and take me to California never to be seen again. The court finally terminated my biological mother’s parental rights and she is ordered by the court no contact with me.

 After she told me she was going to come and kidnap me and take me to California, I had a school dance and I didn’t want to go. I thought she would be there waiting for me. My mom (guardian) promised me that I would be safe, she would be right there with me, and she would never allow my biological mother to hurt me or get near me again. That is when my mom (guardian) went and got a weapon to protect me. She got her CCW permit and has carried it ever sense. I have felt safe knowing that my mom could and would protect me if I was in danger, and my biological mother has never threatened me again.

When my mom and I go to a store that has a “no guns allowed” sign my mom has to leave her weapon in the vehicle, or go to a different store. This places ME in danger because my biological mother could snatch me up; she could kill me, or injure my mom and get away with me. If my mom (guardian) was allowed to have her weapon on her in the “gun free zone” I would be protected at all times and my biological mother would not have the opportunity to hurt me or my mom. The most important thing of all is that my mom could protect me if that were to happen.

Will you be there to protect me at that time?
Will the police?
Do you feel you have the right to place my life in danger with your gun free zones?
The second amendment says you don’t have that right. Is it not my God given right to feel and be safe “The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”? Why would you take that right from me? Do you not want me to be safe?

 I should not have to fear for my protection or my life because politicians and law makers “decide” my God given right is subject to their “permission” or “illegal interpretation” of the Second amendment. Shall not means just that, SHALL NOT!

I fear not the guns themselves, but the politicians with pens that believe they are my master and not my servant. If you truly want America safe again go back to our foundation and nullify ALL gun laws and especially gun free zones. Gun free zones are kill zones and place me in great personal danger. America has had enough of the gun free zones that only help criminals feel safe. My biological mother loves “gun free zones”.

 May God grant you wisdom, honor, and truth to be what you were meant to be “the defenders of freedom” and not the destroyers of it.

A copy of the original letter can be seen by clicking the following links:
Page One     Page Two     Page Three     Page Four     Page Five     Page Six
I sit speechless and in tears for this child knowing she is right. I wonder how many more children share a similar story? How many have been unable to speak out? Knowing the grim reality that politicians who support the “intrusions” of our second amendment rights don’t care for children like this. One does have to wonder if her situation were different, and she were able to come out publicly and address these politicians with her story what they would say to her face after they knew her story? What would their excuse be? God Bless this child and others like her as we continue to fight for their right to be protected and feel safe no matter where they may be.

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