BPI reblog Daily Archives: January 27, 2014

Daily Archives: January 27, 2014

Hillary Clinton ‘Regrets’ #BenghaziGate – TELL IT TO THE MARINES, B*TCH!

Reblogged from The Mad Jewess: Hillary Clinton ‘Regrets’ #BenghaziGate – TELL IT TO THE MARINES, B*TCH! When someone deeply regrets their wrongdoings, they confess what actions they did wrong, publicly.  That would include… LYING TO COVER YOUR A$$, HILLARY. I’m … Continue reading


About the State of the Union Lies for tomorrow

Reblogged from Cry and Howl: Tomorrow the Liar-in-Chief will present something like his 6th state of the union address. Anyone who has listened to this clown already knows he’ll be telling one lie after another … about every topic. I’m … Continue reading


House Conservatives Plot Major Immigration Revolt Against GOP Leaders

Reblogged from PUMABydesign001’s Blog: GOP The Daily Dose Aides from over a dozen House offices secretly convened today on the Senate side of the Capitol at a meeting organized by Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a top immigration hawk who … Continue reading


Toon in

Reblogged from Vermont Loon Watch: Toon in


Do you have superwoman syndrome?

Reblogged from Christian Resource Ministry: Do you have superwoman syndrome?  Do you ever feel like you are running like a chicken with your head cut off? I am a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a … Continue reading


President Obama’s State of the Confusion Speech – Tuesday Night

Reblogged from Voting American: In the comment section of this article. Hat tip to The Blaze for this report ‘None of That Happened’: ABC Host Confronts Jay Carney Over Obama’s Empty Promises From Last Year’s State of the Union Address … Continue reading


The Visual Gospel

Reblogged from Christian Resource Ministry: Not too long ago a friend shared some words of wisdom from a missionary family. This family was ministering in a culture where their ability to speak publicly about the gospel was hindered due to … Continue reading

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