Obama’s State of Union: How the Mighty Have Fallen By Wayne Allyn Root

It would be great if we heard more from Wayne Allyn Root but except from limited sources most Americans are unaware of his views. He almost always pegs Obama right. We will continue bringing attention to Wayne when we are able. Please share our posts regarding Wayne.


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Please enjoy Wayne’s latest commentary:
Obama’s State of Union: How the Mighty Have Fallen

Obama’s State of Union: How the Mighty Have Fallen  

By Wayne Allyn Root

My how the mighty have fallen. I was going to report on all the lies in Obama’s State of the Union speech. But it appears he’s more than a pathetic liar, he’s actually a thief too. Obama started out his career at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany with thousands watching. Now he plagiarizes George W. Bush’s speeches? That’s a pretty long fall.

Large swaths of this speech appear to have been lifted directly from Bush’s 2007 State of the Union. So say Bush’s speechwriter- and he should know his own words.


Wayne Allyn Root, a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, is one of the most popular political and media stars in America. His columns and commentaries are read at the biggest political & news web sites in America- including FoxNews.com. He makes regular appearances at Fox News Channel, and hundreds of radio stations across the country. Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur and small businessman, home-school dad, best-selling author, and Tea Party Libertarian conservative.  His web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

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1 Response to Obama’s State of Union: How the Mighty Have Fallen By Wayne Allyn Root

  1. bwcarey says:

    love, is not a word, derivative trading is paperless gambling, the plunder of new orleans by fellow americans, with big pockets, who took advantage of the vulnerable, nothing wonderful, the list is long, and i’m a big fan of american optimism, but when you criticize for the sake of points, it’s not wisdom, it’s the opposite, and being a person, who has seen the veritable cloud, i can only assume, that the same folks who are promoting fracking and the destruction of the earth, are not trying to discredit a person, who is trying to make the american dream more of a reality for those forgotten, has to be the work of those who treasure money over love, and in the eyes of God Most High, that is treasonous. we need to promote forgiveness and getting on. why don’t ye work together, it just might work, amen. if you ease the pressure on the vulnerable, you ease stress everywhere else.

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