Belarus developers wrote Obamacare software inserting malicious malware to breach site

Belarus developers wrote Obamacare software inserting malicious malware to breach site

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As if Americans need another reason to avoid the sites, we are now learning that the Obama administration (HHS) contracted developers in Russian linked Belarus to write the software program for the sites.

U.S. intelligence agencies last week informed Health & Human Services that software developer firm EPAM, who helped build the site, may have inserted malicious software creating a secret back door that would allow spying and countless cyber security attacks.

In addition, this illegal backdoor would compromise the personal information of millions of Americans who signed up for Obamacare vulnerable to identity theft and bank fraud.  Healthcare providers, government agencies and medical institutions are also vulnerable.

… Security officials urged HHS to immediately conduct inspections of the network software for malicious code. The software currently is used in all medical facilities and insurance companies in the United States. The officials also recommended that HHS use…

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