BPI reblog Daily Archives: February 6, 2014

Daily Archives: February 6, 2014

Jacksonville, FL: 4 Sons Of Obama ‘Knock Out’ 1 White Male

Reblogged from The Mad Jewess: Jacksonville, FL: 4 Sons Of Obama ‘Knock Out’ 1 White Male The left wing media says this is a made up right wing phenomena: See: White man describes being victim of ‘knockout game’ – 2 instances … Continue reading


Woolly mammoths, rhinos and other ice age beasts may have munched on high-protein wildflowers called forbs, new research suggests.

Reblogged from Family Survival Protocol – Microcosm News: Woolly Mammoths and Rhinos Ate Flowers By Tia Ghose Staff Writer   |   February 05, 2014 01:41pm ET The Arctic had much more diverse flora than previously thought during the Pleistocene Era Credit: … Continue reading


Cover Up: Obama Administration Withholds Key #Benghazi Emails

Reblogged from The Mad Jewess: Obama Administration Withholds Key #Benghazi Emails I thought that the holier than thou left wing said that the Benghazi terrorist attack was a GOP hoax?  Why, then does all this information keep coming out exposing … Continue reading


The Islamization of New York

Reblogged from American Infidels: by Daniel Greenfield Bill de Blasio has added two Muslim holidays to the school calendar, but isn’t on board with adding the Hindu festival of Diwali. As usual, this isn’t about diversity, it’s about Muslim Privilege. … Continue reading


New York State Police add ‘Warrant Wednesday’ on Facebook

Reblogged from PUMABydesign001’s Blog: Times-Union The State Police announced Wednesday they will begin using social media to catch criminals, launching “Warrant Wednesday” on Facebook asking for the public’s help to track down people who have warrants out for arrest. According to … Continue reading


Mulsim Brotherhood in the Oval Office

Reblogged from Socialism is not the Answer: American Thinker The Muslim Brotherhood, founded by virulent anti-Semites, subsidized by Adolf Hitler, and its stated goal for the MB in America includes the following:   The Ikhwan must understand that their work … Continue reading


Executive Order Tyranny

Reblogged from ACGR’s “News with Attitude”: Andrew P. Napolitano 2/6/2014 Source ….. Can the president legally bypass Congress and rule the government by decree? The answer to the question above is: No. But you wouldn’t know that by listening to … Continue reading


Impeachment is Appropriate: An Open Letter to Congress:

Reblogged from Socialism is not the Answer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtxt4x5bcHM Leading up to the January 28th State of the Union Speech, Barack Obama and his spokesmen made statements to the effect that he plans to use his pen to sign executive orders … Continue reading


Snickers & Snarks

Reblogged from Vermont Loon Watch: h/t d Foty The Liberal idea of Paradise A place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities. And best of all, only Law Enforcement … Continue reading


Liberal Education Shocker: “The Children Belong to All of Us”

Reblogged from ACGR’s “News with Attitude”: PJ Media 2/5/2014 Source ….. Former Massachusetts education secretary Paul Reville lashed out at the critics of Common Core by arguing that “the children belong to all of us.” Is Reville right? Do your … Continue reading

Report: Obama Orders Secretaries To Act Like Mini-Dictators, “Expects His Cabinet To Be Forceful And To Act” Without Congress…

Reblogged from Socialism is not the Answer: Weasel Zippers Guy runs the country like it’s his own personal fiefdom. Via CNS: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Wednesday the establishment of “climate change hubs” in seven states – and three sub-hubs … Continue reading

Conduct Unbecoming – Senator John McCain Explodes In Angry Tirade During Meeting With Syrian Christian Leaders After They Detail Atrocities Carried Out By His Rebel Allies….

Reblogged from The Last Refuge: Previously John McCain was angered when it was pointed out “his people” (the rebels in Syria) were actual kidnappers.   Now he embarrasses himself to the extent Lindsey Graham needs to apologize for McCain’s angry and petulant behavior. … Continue reading

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