BPI reblog Daily Archives: February 9, 2014

Daily Archives: February 9, 2014

Wisconsin School Goes Full Blown “Stazi” With Middle Schoolers – The Administration Calls The Activity “A Game” Called “Crossing The Line”…

Reblogged from The Last Refuge: ALL YOUR CHILDREN ARE BELONG TO US ! – Two things to consider as you review the outline “School Gets Kids to Snitch on Parents”. First, do you remember the Wisconsin School Teachers Union, and … Continue reading

Toon in

Reblogged from Vermont Loon Watch: Toon in

What We Believe

Reblogged from nebraskaenergyobserver: We’re going to stay with the video format this weekend, mostly because I think it conveys more information more easily than the written word, when it is done well. And nobody does it better than Bill Whittle. … Continue reading

Iran Threatens US: Our Drones And Missiles Can Hit You

Reblogged from : Iran Threatens US: Our Drones And Missiles Can Hit You – Israel National News. (… more love coming from the “moderate Iranian regime” ™. That’s all a cultural misunderstanding. This is their way to say “we love … Continue reading

IT’S ON!!!

Reblogged from Phoebe’s Detention Room: Iran sending warships close to US borders Published February 08, 2014 FoxNews.com Dec. 8, 2012: One of two Iranian navy warships arrives to dock at Port Sudan in the Red Sea state. (REUTERS) A senior … Continue reading

To Eric Holder: Ameica’s Strength Didn’t Come From Cowards

Reblogged from Cry and Howl: What do you get when you stack liberals in a heap?  A pile of ass. Sorry, just had to get that in. Holy Cow! I’ve always known that liberals worship at the feet of Barack … Continue reading

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