Take No Prisoners

We had a sudden death and it shook us up pretty badly. It had depressed me more than I realized. It got me thinking about the Ukrainian people.. They ‘suddenly’ had a coup. Their country is turned upside down and people part of their government are people that the majority despises: NAZIs.So, here is the latest update on my previous insanity and shake up: I am angry that so many fellow Americans just can’t seem to get a grasp of how the MSM works: The MSM builds up war, violence, genocide, the murder of Christians in Syria, Egypt and Libya – plus violent coups. Our government is now very terroristic. Most small, poor countries live in serious fear of the US govt taking over their countries.. Our government with the EU – plus SOROS have installed many oppressive and murderous regimes over the last 5 years, including Egypt, Libya now Ukraine and they tried to oust Assad. Assad is still fighting them. I hope that Assad gets his country back. Yes, I do. Its HIS country. He is killing many terrorists and foreign infiltrators which are funded by YOUR tax dollars. The US government wants Islamic terrorists in the middle east as leaders and now, neo-nazis in the Ukraine: just ask John McCain who has NO problem being photo’d with these maniacs.. Many people said Nuland and McCain did not know these people were radicals: I say BULLSH’T.

via Take No Prisoners.

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