Islamists Plan To Commit Major Genocide Of Christians via Walid Shoebat

Muslims following the cult of Islam have contributed nothing but misery,death and destruction throughout it’s 1400 year history. Founded by the wetdream of a murdering thief named Muhammad it is an evil cult of intimidation, subjugation, death and destruction. Nothing more. Don’t be fooled by their lies and those non-Muslims in the west that make excuses and support them.Make no mistake about it, we are at war with Islam. A war declared upon us by Muslims in the name of Allah. You can stand and fight, submit or die. You have no other choices. This could be your wife and daughters if you submit.

Islam the death cult and Muhammad are depicted where they properly belong, Islam dead and Muhammad’s head on a woman’s spear.

Islam the death cult and Muhammad are depicted where they properly belong, Islam dead and Muhammad’s head on a woman’s spear.

By Kamil Toume


Islamists are planning on committing a major genocide on Christians. How do we know this? History is a portal into the future. The Muslims committed one of the greatest genocides on Christians in history: The Armenian Genocide.

The Armenians, a Christian group, had lived in the rugged mountain region of eastern Turkey within the Ottoman Empire for more than a thousand years. The Armenians had grown in size and power over the years.

By the mid-1800s, the Ottoman Turks had become fearful about the Armenians’ growing independence and were determined to solve the “Armenian Question.” In 1908, a new group called the Young Turks overthrew the sultan and took control of the Ottoman Empire. The Young Turks seemed, at first, to reach out to the empire’s minorities but then turned on the Armenians. The Young Turks believed the Armenians to be rejecting their rule and culture because Armenians, having never converted to Islam, had their own culture and language

During World War I, the Ottoman Empire joined forces with Germany and Austria-Hungary against Russia, Serbia, France and England. The Young Turks saw the war as an opportunity to take care of its “Armenian Question” without foreign influence.

Some Armenians lived in Russia, just across the Ottoman border and joined the Russian army. The Ottoman Turks feared the Armenians would help the Russian army invade, so in 1915, orders were given to resettle the Armenian people away from the borders. The Turks rounded up most of the military-age men and marched them to a remote location to be murdered.


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