Someone Dies In Each And Every Abortion

I just got to work a little while ago and it’s somewhat slow for now, so I proceeded to check out the happenings around the web. I saw immediately that a victory for women has been won. Now, I’m 64 years old and honestly I’ve never quite figured out how abortion is a “victory” for anyone. USA Today had a piece where a federal judge struck down an Arkansas law banning abortions at 12 weeks gestation or when a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Actually I saw a link to the piece at Addicting Info, a far, far, far, left wack-sack of a blog which was linked to by another left-wing wack-a-sack. The bottom line is that the judge based her decision on the fact that a child cannot live outside the womb at 12 weeks. I kind of thought that’s what “pregnancy” is all about … you know, a mother carrying a living child in her womb to term and then she gets to hold in her arms the fruit of her labor … a living child. Naturally, the usual bogus liberal claims of a constitutional right to abortion was thrown around in that somehow abortion is mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Okay, it’s legal in the perverse nation called the United States for women to murder their developing children in the womb. I mean how sick does one have to be to listen to the heartbeat of a child and justify killing that heart? And this is a victory for women? The writer at Addicting Info summed up her piece with this … This ruling is another vital win for women’s reproductive rights. “Reproductive rights.” I’m not sure where that is in the Constitution but translated in plain English = murder on demand. A heartbeat designates a life, a human life. The termination of that life is murder. No way around that folks, unless someone can explain what the termination of a human life could be other than that … I’m waiting, and waiting.Now I know liberals in their twisted sense of right and wrong … you know the ones … the men marrying men, women killing their children, protection of child molester’s “rights”, good is bad and bad is good folks, never mention that a life is taken in each and every abortion. The innocent life is taken.


I have to say something else here. I’ve noticed that liberals will blather out “It’s legal!

RTead more via Someone Dies In Each And Every Abortion.

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