BPI reblog Daily Archives: March 18, 2014

Daily Archives: March 18, 2014

Chuck Schumerito Puts Mexico First

Originally posted on The Mad Jewess:
Chuck Schumerito Puts Mexico First Can someone please bag this Mexican loyalist?  Here we are, broke, 17 trillion in debt and Schumer wants MORE illegals, more people.  Isn’t it something how he does not…

NY Rep. Tells Kerry to Stop Blocking Israeli Visas

NY Rep. Tells Kerry to Stop Blocking Israeli Visas – News from America – News – Israel National News. Congresswoman Meng questions rising Israeli visa rejections, reveals ‘upsetting negative presumptions’ behind move. By Ari Yashar First Publish: 3/18/2014, 2:44 PM…

Muslims Demanding Their Own Sharia Patrols In Michigan

Originally posted on ACGR’s “News with Attitude”:
Frosty Wooldridge 3/17/2014 Source ….. This quote provides the most ominous statement for America and other Western countries in the 21st century as they continue mass immigration from cultures and…

29-Year-Old Welfare Parasite Would Not Accept An $80,000 A Year Job Driving A Truck

Originally posted on ACGR’s “News with Attitude”:
Michael Snyder 3/17/2014 Source ….. What should be done with a 29-year-old welfare parasite that believes that in addition to practicing with his rock band, his main job in life…

Obama, his pen, and his phone have been brought to you by the racketeers and con artists of the non-existent Republican Party

Originally posted on PUMABydesign001’s Blog:
Impeach Obama, McConnell, and Boehner Today 3/17/14 image via Lucianne ====================== Ed. note: The point isn’t that Obama should go to war with Putin. The point is Obama phone calls and “Executive Orders” aren’t…

MH 370: The “Kairn Hypothetical” – How Would The Entire World Respond To A Flying Nuclear “Hot Potato” ?

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:
Yesterday contributor Kairn wrote this outline which holds mind-blowing ramifications if an intercontinental airliner was equipped with a nuclear device.   Obviously, things are unknown and this is just a hypothetical outline of what…

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