Russia’s Third Victory – Syria’s Assad Now Predicted To Win The War Against Jihadist Rebels…

Set to increase his influence exponentially Russia’s Vladimir Putin must be smiling broadly. Already in strong geo-political, economic and diplomatic alignment with Iran. Now helping Egypt in their freedom fight to rid themselves of the Muslim Brotherhood and expanding military bases in Alexandria; and essentially set up to declare victory in Syria. Putin has become the anti-Obama.putinIn essence you have Obama’s only Middle East Geo-Political ally as Turkey’s *Erdogan. Jordan is trying to stay in the middle, Syria, Iran, and now Egypt aligning with Russia albeit for different reasons.TEL AVIV – Arab countries in the Middle East widely expect Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to win the rebel-led insurgency that has been targeting his regime for the last three years, thereby strengthening Russia’s presence in the region.The anticipated victory will further solidify the position of the large Russian Navy fleet docked at Syria’s Tartus port. That position is more strategic now that Russia has seized the Ukrainian naval headquarters located in Sevastopol, where Moscow stationed its Black Sea Fleet.Control of both the Tartus and Sevastopol ports provides Russia, under President Vladimir Putin, with open access to the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and beyond for both military and energy needs.

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