BPI reblog Daily Archives: March 24, 2014

Daily Archives: March 24, 2014

VIDEO Dictator MB Obama Shuts Down Political Dissent on YouTube – “Extremist Content”

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:
CHILLING FIRST AMENDMENT March 22, 2014 Mark Dice’s YouTube channel was shut down just days after the company handed government agencies powers to flag “extremist content” for removal. Coincidence? “The Freedoms of Speech, Assembly,…

Visa/Mastercard Cut Off Russian Transactions. Obama Pledges 1 Billion USD, Violating 1961 Foreign Assistance Act

Originally posted on The Mad Jewess:
Visa/Mastercard Cut Off Russia Transactions. Obama Pledges 1 Billion USD, Violating 1961 Foreign Assistance Act Obama is very good at ‘making friends and influencing people.’  He has enabled ALL of our enemies and funds…


Originally posted on TMQ2 – The Infidel Country Club:
Something tells me that many more countries around the world feel the same way Belgium feels about our disaster of a prez and his worst Lady wife. They’re a big joke!…

AQAP releases first installment of ‘Journey of Jihad’ video series

Originally posted on American Infidels:
By Oren Adaki Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) recently released the first part of a video series titled “Journey of Jihad” about the life of Sa’id al Shihri, the former AQAP deputy who…

A Reflection on Lent

Originally posted on Christian Resource Ministry:
This year Lent is a bit special to me. It is the first time in my life I have ever observed it. I grew up in church and was a saved at a young…

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