Post mortem, perhaps a bit early

Post mortem, perhaps a bit early | Jerusalem Post – Blogs.

Ira Sharkansky( Superb analysis… Don’t miss this. – JW )

John Kerry’s peace process is dying. Or it was born dead, despite having parents who praised its prospects. The fault is not Israel’s, nor Palestine’s, but John Kerry’s. Or maybe Barack Obama’s, due to his appointing a visionary for a job that is supposed to be serious.Kerry’s various ideas join the collection amassed since the 1930s, resembling the jumble of the Jewish graveyard of Prague, with stones leaning one on the other and hardly room to set foot among them.An item in the Washington Post called the process a fool’s errand.Israeli skeptics doubted Kerry’s chances from the beginning. Their numbers have grown. In recent days only the most die hard leftists and optimists have spoken of what Israel could do to bring about an agreement.Given Jewish history, it should be no surprise that skepticism is part of Israel’s national culture.Cynicism is a close cousin of skepticism, and the shallowness of Kerry and his American colleagues have provided ample reasons for disrespect, bordering on ridicule. Moshe Ya’alon is not the only Israeli to have described the US Secretary of State as messianic.Among the faults of the Obama-Kerry team is investing a great deal of political capital in Israel-Palestine when other pressing issue seemed more capable of responding to American influence. Among them are soothing the ruffled feathers of Saudi Arabia, and getting back on track with Egypt. The Americans have also failed to lessen the carnage in Syria, or prevent continued bloodshed in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They have done little more than bluster with respect to Russia and the Ukraine, and do not seem likely to lessen the nuclear threats associated with Iran or North Korea.Kerry has not only failed with respect to Israel and Palestine. He has made things worse.After years of relative quiet and economic development in the West Bank, there has been an upsurge in violence. Rather than applause, Kerry and Obama will deserve condemnation for whatever Israeli and Palestinian deaths come from this.

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