Warning Coming Soon To A Muslim Enclave Near You

I hope those unlucky enough to live in areas with large amounts of Muslims are taking note.Residents of Bradford, Burnley, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Bolton, Blackburn, Dewsbury, Halifax, Rotherham, Birmingham, Keighley, Rochdale and other towns being swamped by a constant stream of uncivilized Muslim immigrants. This could very easily be your home town in a few more years the way things are going.

PARIS — Violent crime can happen anywhere and to anyone and for many reasons, but in Muslim-controlled parts of France, it has become especially dangerous to be white.Surveillance camera video shows white French being beaten up by predominantly Muslim immigrant gangs in the Metro and on the street.Islamic immigrants consider it their territory and whites enter at their own risk. The French call them “sensitive urban zones” — no-go zones where the police don’t enter or don’t enforce the law.Some call them little Muslim caliphates inside the borders of France.“And it’s like that because these parts of the country are in the hands of drug traffickers, gangs and imams [Islamic leaders],” French commentator Guy Milliere explained.A French report says almost 1 in 5 French have been victims of racist insults or worse. A few cases have even gone to trial.“Some of those who launch racist attacks on whites use Islam as the reason they do it. They may not even speak Arabic, but they still use Islam as a ‘flag,’” Tarik Yildiz, a French sociologist, said.Yildiz, author of the book, Anti-White Racism, is not native French but is the son of Turkish immigrants.“My book is viewed as politically incorrect and breaks a taboo: the idea that immigrants could oppress whites,” Yildez said.Generation Identitaire DefenseIt’s a reality for a Frenchman named Max, who asked that CBN News not use his last name.He’s been attacked more than once by immigrants and still has a bruise under one eye from the latest attack when we interviewed him.He’s joined Generation Identitaire, a youth movement united around the defense of French culture and white identity.“(Generation Identitaire) is a youth organization which seeks to protect our local, national and European identities,” Max said.Generation Identitaire members train in self-defense.“We encourage all our members and militants to keep a certain level of physical fitness. Self-defense is a part of it, obviously,” Max said.A France DividedAs the French Left’s grand experiment in multiculturalism goes up in in the flames, some quarters of French society are dividing into tribalism and ethnic identity.

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Islam the death cult and Muhammad are depicted where they properly belong, Islam dead and Muhammad’s head on a woman’s spear.

Islam the death cult and Muhammad are depicted where they properly belong, Islam dead and Muhammad’s head on a woman’s spear.


Obama is bringing this here to the USA.


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