Finding a relationship that Satisfies your Heart

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Finding a relationship that Satisfies your Heart

For as long as I remember I longed to know God.

I grew up in a Christian home, accepted Christ at age four and from then on tried to please God.  I knew all the Bible truths about His character, but there seemed to be no emotion – no connection in my heart to how wonderful He really is.This troubled me.
I noticed the zeal with which the apostles wrote the New Testament. This was a God who was real to them, he was not real to me in the same way.

I wondered WHY?

satisfies heart

The promise of Jeremiah 29:13 stood out to me . You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. If I sought him with my whole heart would I know Him the way that the Bible heroes did? I thought I knew him based on my salvation. I was told I had a relationship with the living God , but yet it did not feel like a relationship at all. It seemed one-sided … trying to please him through prayer, bible memory and daily devotions.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that mostly I knew about Him, but I was longing for fellowship with Him – for a relationship which would satisfy my heart.

I praise HIM. That He drew me to that fellowship and became the desire of my heart. Previously I had known the fact that Jesus was the answer to all of lives problems and all of the needs of my heart. But now I know, not based on a factual argument alone , but because He has filled my heart and transformed my life.


This is a preview of Chapter 1 entitled ‘A Saved Seeker’ in my new book Beyond Head Knowledge: Knowing Christ Who Satisfies Our Hearts

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