ObamaCare and Common Core – Both are Bad to the Bone

Via Restoring Liberty
Photo Credit: Weekly Standard

By Bruce Deitrick Price.

Medical insurance and public education might seem to be two different worlds with different problems. But the proposed solutions by the left were essentially the same. Here are ten descriptions that apply equally to ObamaCare and Common Core:

1) Huge federal power grab: The obvious result from both ObamaCare and Common Core is that Obama and his Czars get a bigger government to administer, more money to play with, more jobs for their loyal troops, and more control over people’s lives.
Read more at http://joemiller.us/2014/04/obamacare-common-core-bad-bone/#hKfw8WzgrEQOjLwF.99


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3 Responses to ObamaCare and Common Core – Both are Bad to the Bone

  1. Jerry Lingle says:

    Reblogged this on Articles,blogs,books,videos,etc. and commented:
    Republicans promoting these issues should change there politics and become Democrats!

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