Ted Nugent On Fire – “I Don’t Like Repeat Offenders, I Like Dead Offenders”

Ted Nugent tells it like it is.


581-ted-nugent-610By Rick Wells

Ted Nugent makes his case passionately and eloquently regarding his God-given right to defend himself and the complete lack of any moral authority on the part of those who wish to take it away or restrict it.

The video is from 2008 but it is just as relevant today as it was six years ago. After six years  of assault by the Obama regime, and the push that is ongoing to take our freedom away, it may be more important now than it was then.

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3 Responses to Ted Nugent On Fire – “I Don’t Like Repeat Offenders, I Like Dead Offenders”

  1. upaces88 says:

    Correction (4th paragraph): “…..MULTIPLE RAPES of young ladies…””

  2. upaces88 says:

    …..Just COMMON SENSE!
    WE are all soooo tired of the powers-that-be targeting our guns because THEY WANT US DEFENSELESS!!!
    This IS a true story in Texas.
    I had just bought a nightclub in Richardson, TX I walked straight up to the 32 seat bar and motioned for the bartender to meet me in the liquor room behind the bar.

    After I introduced myself, I asked: “WHY ARE YOU OVER-SERVING THAT YOUNG MAN SITTING AT MY BAR?” (He had several watered-down drinks in font of him…and as I walked up, he delivered him TWO MORE.)
    He explained. It seems there had been multiple rates of young ladies (age 13-16) in his neighborhood. Of course, the police had been called. They never caught him. He stood guard in the dark night after night until that 16 yr old kid shows up and tries to attack this young lady. He stopped the attack, then shot him right then and there.

    That young man only served two years in a Texas Prison…and the inmates and Guards watched over him.

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