BPI reblog Daily Archives: May 12, 2014

Daily Archives: May 12, 2014

90% of abducted Nigerian girls are Christians; jihadists released Muslim girls & the real war on women

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:
Boko Haram and the real war on women May 12. 2014 by Pamela Geller Yesterday I got into a twitter feud with the leadership of the Ahmadi community. The Ahmadis suffer persecution, oppression and…

The Rise of the American Police State

Originally posted on ACGR’s “News with Attitude”:
Jonathan Emord 5/12/2014 Source ….. With the enormous growth of government, federal and state, it should come as little surprise that we are experiencing a fundamental shift in the relationship…

He’s Made It Worse: Obama’s Middle East

Originally posted on American Infidels:
Abe Greenwald I. From Bush to Obama In the last days of George W. Bush’s presidency, the Economist delivered a damning assessment: “Abroad, George Bush has presided over the most catastrophic collapse in America’s reputation…

Iran claims it replicated captured US spy drone

Iran claims it replicated captured US spy drone | The Times of Israel. Supreme leader Ali Khameni reviews missiles and locally built UAV based on American RQ-170 Sentinel By AFP May 12, 2014, 8:59 am A photo released from the…

Dude, Where Was Obama?

Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer:
Family Security Matters Two years later, the White House still won’t say where the president was during the Benghazi attack.       Former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor made news…

Why Americans choose Slavery while the rest of the World begs to be Free…by Brittius

Originally posted on Voting American:
Hat tip to Brittius for this most excellent commentary Being a Patriot, is the obligation that goes part and parcel with being born to this nation and the only way to be certain that this…

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