Desperately seeking moderate Syrian rebels

Desperately seeking moderate Syrian rebels

There are no moderate Muslims. This evil will be here until Islam is no more.


Desperately seeking moderate Syrian rebels, Long War Journal, Lisa Lundquist, June 28, 2014

As the most powerful of the Islamic Front’s constituencies, Ahrar al Sham would likely be free to take any supplies it wanted from those given to other factions within the Islamic Front.

[I]f you have been following the war in Syria closely, you probably . . . recognize that indeed, there are no significant independent, moderate fighting groups in Syria to support at present. Those that do exist must coexist with the prevailing Islamist forces, with all that entails.

Following the news that the Obama administration, in a sudden about-face, is asking Congress for $500 million to train and equip “vetted” members of the “moderate” Syrian opposition, The Associated Press yesterday published a list, headlined “Syrian rebels likely to receive US aid.” The list raises more questions than it answers — two of the listed groups…

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