I need a girl to answer this. Guys you won’t be able to.


Actually this is true story. Neither seems to mind what I have when with them. Usually Pepsi or coffee with Megan because she has the kids with her and a Tom Collins when with Ariana plus she saves a  few sips of hers for me, LOL.

My cousin Darrell told me

Bob, you cannot grasp female thinking. Can’t be done. Good beer is good, good whiskey is good. Cheap of neither is good. When you’re with one, drink what she likes. When you’re with the other, drink what she likes. Either way, you’re drinking good alcohol with pleasant company. It ain’t that hard.

Answers from my kinfolk were on both sides. His daughter said drink beer.



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7 Responses to I need a girl to answer this. Guys you won’t be able to.

  1. upaces88 says:

    Sounds like you have things well in hand. Hope you have a lovely time.

    • boudicabpi says:

      We always do.Hoping to go to lunch at Foster’s with Megan. Our favorite waitress Tamara has been after me to bring her in She has met Ariana with me many times and really like each other. She has also met Elizabeth. Go on a nice day and eat on the patio. They keep sidewalk chalk there and the kids can scribble or draw on the patio or side of the bldg. If Ariana off can also join us. Just a bigger bill for me, LOL. WTH you can’t take it with you. Even if Tamara is waitressing inside will still wait us on the patio.

  2. upaces88 says:

    She is also young and doesn’t have a lot of wisdom yet. You must set “your boundaries” and ask hr what her boundaries are. They may or may not agree. If not, they open the subject of “What can we agree to disagree with” and allow the other person their freedoms.

    BEFORE hand, you need to sit down and make a list of 3-5 things you may not especially appreciate. then after that discussion, have her make her list of 3-5 things.

    Again, both of you need to agree that there will be times that you must respect each other and not always agree…that “agree to disagree” and not to manipulate or verbalize to MAKE the other person change just for you (or her).

    • boudicabpi says:

      Elaine, both her and Megan are so good. Ariana 26, Megan 22 me 69, LOL,.She doesn’t really mind if I drink beer and and will buy it with me,ask me if I want to buy some when we’re out. Just would prefer Whiskey or Bloody Mary[s. Don’t think we have any boundries between us. Megan the same way. Her daughter;s birthday coming up and a party Aug 16. Megan has to work. She was gonna rent a bounce house and Megan told her where she could buy one. Will be cheaper and she ordered it and will have nxt week. I told her I would split the cost and my birthday present to Skyler but will get something else also. She asked my daughter Elizabeth to go but don’t know yet.I told Megan if her 2 oldest boys wanted to go and her husband Ian wanted a little break we would come get them. Either Elizabeth and I or Ariana. So good all 3 girls talk and keep in touch. Just means they all know what I’m doing, no secrets. Not that they don’t know anyway LOL. Totally dependent on them for going shopping or anyplace, Ariana had a bad weekend with illness in the family and with her tonight when she got back.I kinda made a joke about this but she’s really OK with everything just would prefer other than beer. Will go with me to get it, she drives I don’t. Went to Walmart a while back and she cashed out with her daughter ahead of me and they wouldn’t sell me beer because we came in together and she didn’t have ID for her age with her. They were separate orders and she cashed out separate ahead of me. We went someplace else and got beer. Going to her sister’s wedding end of Aug. in Atlantic City. Can;t wait to go.My daughter watching Jimmy my son. Didn’t think or Jimmy could have stayed with her husband Brandon Sat night until this afternoon and I could have gone with her to NJ. Will next time. If she get’s a mixed drink will share with me besides what I have. A lot of fun. Gonna put a pic in the post (not in comment because easier), hope you like. Her hair is kinda wild. LOL Another one she just had a Bloody Mary. just her and I. Don’t know what the green one was but was good. Her husband, daughtrer and Jimmy were there on that day and Brandon said is that all that you saved him? Ariana and I do go a lot of places together. Usually have her daughter Skyler which is fine. No boundries, no secrets between us.

  3. upaces88 says:

    She doesn’t know what she wants.
    Decide what your boundary is and keep it and don’t allow her (or anyone for that matter) to determine FOR YOU.
    Then she can set Her boundary. etc…..

    She is still young and doesn’t understand really what she is dealing out that SOUNDS like a command vs. discussing likes and dislikes. At that age dislikes and likes will be different in a year or so.

    Does that make sense?

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