Irrelevant in War via Joseph Wouk

Irrelevant in War

Irrelevant in War, The American Spectator, July 14, 2014

Obama and Kerry

As to the other irrelevancies, the United States and the UN lead the pack. UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon’s pleas for a cease-fire — which at this point would benefit only Hamas — have been rejected outright by Netanyahu. Which brings us to President Obama and his Secretary of State, the comprehensively biased and ineffectual John Kerry.

Last in war, last in peace — and were they a baseball team, last in the National League — Obama and Kerry spent months trying to pressure the Israelis into a peace agreement that would have forced them to retreat to the indefensible pre-1967 war borders and created a Palestinian state. By levying American pressure only on Israel — and placing the blame on the Israelis when the negotiations failed — Obama and Kerry laid the foundation for the current war.

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