BPI reblog Daily Archives: July 31, 2014

Daily Archives: July 31, 2014

‘Iraq and Libya were better off under the tyrants toppled by an arrogant and naive West’

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:
Always meddling into issues they have no clue or understanding of. Always selling weapons to horridly evil people. Always trading with the largest slave and terror founders of the world. Who’s the dumbass, really?…

Social Justice is NOT

Originally posted on Voting American:
“We the People” Expound the Truth and Speak with a Loud Voice This current Administration and Socialist Government really don’t like when we stand up and speak Out exposing their Evil Deeds. I can remember…

America’s Domestic Enemy-in-Chief Lights The Fuse

Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer:
NoisyRoom.net The border crisis is going from horrid to explosive. One shot could set the whole thing ablaze. And it will only get worse as patriots converge on the border to protect…

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