BPI rendom tweets Daily Archives: August 8, 2014

Daily Archives: August 8, 2014

New Reality Show — it’s the #RealHousewivesofHamas

   IPayMyJizyaWith.357 ‏@robfit New Reality Show — it’s the #RealHousewivesofHamas #tcot #HamasTVShows

A Limerick on John Kerry

   ✪Tom O’Halloran✪ ‏@TPO_Hisself A Limerick on John Kerry

This is why goats r abused

Retweeted by Daddy Bitch Kitty ‏@Ckirkusa @RoyalTXGirl @VampyKiss @DallasChick1967 @pdanielson92056 @KittyKattAustin @Liveitupjersey This is why goats r abused

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