BPI random tweets Daily Archives: August 17, 2014

Daily Archives: August 17, 2014

KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the problem?

Retweeted by Ari David slone ‏@slone KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! RT @MAYANNE_729 What is the problem? #tcot

Uncomfortable but true

Retweeted by The Philippi Jailer Hilary Keren ‏@HilaryKeren Uncomfortable but true

True success is always best achieved on a GIRLEY-Bike

   Villi Wilson ‏@Conservative_VW True success is always best achieved on a GIRLEY-Bike LOL #ConservativeVW

I couldn’t agree more

Retweeted by Judy Stines Jack Torrance ‏@HistoriasCripta I couldn’t agree more

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