BPI reblog Daily Archives: September 19, 2014

Daily Archives: September 19, 2014

A Long and Constant War.. #Islam

Originally posted on American Infidels:
By Jeffrey T. Brown For centuries, Islam has sought the conquest of the non-Islamic world. The goals, aggression, and brutality of this system of social and religious order are undeniable. Despite countless battles, wars, successes,…

Islamic State threatens ancient sites in Iraq, Syria

Originally posted on American Infidels:
BAGHDAD (AP) — For more than 5,000 years, numerous civilizations have left their mark on upper Mesopotamia — from Assyrians and Akkadians to Babylonians and Romans. Their ancient, buried cities, palaces and temples packed with…

Rejoice in This Moment

Originally posted on Naomi Fata:
Earlier this week I had a great conversation with my friend and mentor. In the midst of our conversation he began laughing. When I asked why he said he was happy; happy to see all…

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