American Guided Missiles Finding Their Way Into ISIS Hands Via Breitbarts

Government forces opposing the radical Islamic militias in Syria have reported a sudden flood of advanced weaponry including long-range missiles being used as ISIS and others push towards the Mediterranean coast.

An investigation, published by the Independent newspaper, reveals the concerns of Syrian army officers loyal to president of the rump Syrian state Assad, who are defending the eight mile strip of land separating the Islamic State from the sea. Speaking to journalists, officers said since ISIS’s capture of Mosul the types of weapons they had employed had changed dramatically, and now included heat-seeking missiles and tube-launched anti-tank missiles.

Surviving fragments of exploded ordinance, some of which became embedded in sand before detonating have confirmed the suspicions of some commanders that this equipment originated in the arsenals of the United States. One component that the Syrian commanders claim came from exploded ordinance has the company name ‘Eagle-Picher’ written on it, a contractor to that produces batter-packs for missile guidance control computers including the American TOW. Read more…

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