BPI reblog Daily Archives: November 6, 2014

Daily Archives: November 6, 2014

Are You There Allah? It’s Me, John Kerry

Originally posted on American Infidels:
by Daniel Greenfield A week before the anniversary of September 11, John Kerry announced that he had been given a divine mission to protect Muslim countries from Global Warming. The Secretary of State had spent…

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1 Response to BPI reblog Daily Archives: November 6, 2014

  1. dakwolf55 says:

    Protecting the most corrupt and inept regimes on the planet from what at worst is an over-hyped, deeply misunderstood, and politically hijacked natural phenomenon…sounds expensive…and sounds like Kerry wants to follow in Al “The Carbon Meister” Gore’s footsteps, maybe Momma Ketchup’s sales are down.

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