BPI reblog Daily Archives: November 13, 2014

Daily Archives: November 13, 2014

EXCLUSIVE LEAK: Explosives Found at Bridge Near Arizona Border with Mexico

Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer:
Free Republic Two explosives were found near an Arizona bridge approximately 30 miles from the U.S. border with Mexico, according to a leaked report exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas. The items were…

Listen to Faithful Muslims, They Mean What They Say

Listen to Faithful Muslims, They Mean What They SayTuesday, November 11, 2014 | Tsvi Sadan via Listen to Faithful Muslims, They Mean What They Say – Israel Today | Israel News. ? Europe, and now America, turns its wrath against…

We are the Land of the Free because we are the Home of the Brave

Originally posted on Voting American:
Heroes by AFVet So,…what or who is a hero ? Many of the young people today consider baseball players heroes. Football players and basketball players are heroes. OK. Tell me which one of them puts…


Originally posted on TMQ2 – The Infidel Country Club:
To some people we may appear, and we have been accused of being anti- Muslim. We are in fact no such thing. We are merely pro- Anything- That- Isn’t- Muslim. ‘Nuff…

Video: ‘Albanian Muslims captured Christian Serbs to remove their organs while they were still alive’

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:
The history of Muslim barbarity and pure evils against people around the world, and Christians and Jews in particular, is endless. How many nations and cultures have Muslims destroyed permanently, transforming them into places…

Is ISIS Creating Its Own Currency?

Originally posted on American Infidels:
Having already created its own school system, police force and an amusement park for kids, the Islamic State (ISIS) may be taking the next step toward solidifying its makeshift caliphate: an Islamic currency. Indeed, ISIS supporters on social…

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