BPI reblog Daily Archives: November 17, 2014

Daily Archives: November 17, 2014

Facts Fly Fast & Furious

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:
November 16, 2014 By Victor Thorn • Government quietly releases 64,000+ pages on Fast & Furious gunrunning debacle. • Did Eric Holder resign in pathetic bid to avoid criminal prosecution over illegal op? On…

British cops told to not wear uniforms to work or use social media

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:
The people of England should thank Tony Blair, David Cameron and Theresa May for their problems. And the threats and problems will only keep getting worse while nothing sensible is done to combat it.…

Hearfelt Thanks

Originally posted on Christian Resource Ministry:
As thanksgiving approaches might we all have hearts filled with thanks. The following is my latest article published in the Hudson River Sampler This fall there has been a challenge circulating around facebook to…

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