My message to citizens of the west on January 9, 2015

Islam the death cult and Muhammad are depicted where they properly belong, Islam dead and Muhammad’s head on a woman’s spear.

Islam the death cult and Muhammad are depicted where they properly belong, Islam dead and Muhammad’s head on a woman’s spear.

Islam, Radical Islam, Muslims, Radical Muslims. No need to use the word Radical as they are one and the same. The following scenario’s play out all too often throughout the Muslim world.

  • John Christian and his family have lived peaceably with their Muslim neighbors for decades. There is a rumor that they have committed blasthemy  against their Prophet Muhammad. Their friend and neighbor Muhammad gathers friends and other neighbors. They slaughter John Christian and his family. No proof, no trial. Muslims or radical Muslims?
  • Christians in the village are in church and holding prayers. There is a rumor they have desecrated the Koran. They have not. Fellow villager Alua Akbar gathers fellow villagers and they attack the church, setting fire, preventing anyone from leaving and they are murdered, burned alive. No proof, no trial are they Muslims or radical Muslims?

Do your own research. These are all too common happenings.

  • Joe Blow burns a Koran in the United States. Obama, Holder and the Obama administration are all over it as a hate crime. Muslim groups are calling for prosecution of the individual. What The Fuck.

Wake up and smell the Islam!

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2 Responses to My message to citizens of the west on January 9, 2015

  1. alakhtal says:

    Reblogged this on Liberalism is Trust Fucked with Prudence. Conservatism is Distrust Tainted with Fear and commented:
    My message to citizens of the west on January 9, 2015 “go fuck yourself! Charlie.” If the first amendment if fucked by Hebdo. Come on girls… the second amendment is called John Bull Law to gundown anything moving when your call to local sheriff went unanswered.
    So who’re these people who’re terrorizing the West? Are they really Muslims or what? They got mosques!
    Great question! Ask them. Now that you know. Here’s the deal.
    99% are urban rejects who looted Muslims, fled their sewers and surfaced all over EU, UK and US uhauling Muslims loots to let ‘em in. I am too comfortable to call these parasites: Anglosexual Geographical Apostate Muslims [AGAM] who got nothing in Islam but name.
    1% are CONQUISTADORES who ditched thuggery Fuckocrasies for FREEDOM & CIVILITY and landed in huge prison planet called EU, UK and US. They deserve it. The jackasses have been watching a lot of Hollywood and listening to BBC.
    Don’t be afraid they ain’t biting you. This is ain’t your war. Butt-out. Muslims are at war within. It’s called ‘Jihad’ as you probably know. They ain’t fucking each other no mo. They’re fighting for life.
    As George Carlin rightly said: ‘fighting for peace as fucking for virginity”
    My advice: if you don’t like to be killed in cold-blood. I mean beheaded or lynched by David Duke. Do not ride into their whirlwind. You hear me!
    To face off Francois’s whores began parallel construction. I mean the French hit the streets terrorizing Muslim elders, women and children arresting any oversize hairy pubic prick hoping he’s a Muslim.
    Israelis are TROUBLESHOPPING scavenging Hebdo. They’re Psychomediagenic kleptomaniacs. They’re desperately trying to hijack headlines. They ain’t stoic to watch Muslims all-over headlines and Israelis ain’t. If shit hit the fan Muslims have homes to go to but where Jews can go if they’re expelled outta Palestine.
    Here’s the deal… one of slain cartoonist was a jew.
    Yesterday Bill Maher was sucking every dick to get ‘Moderate Muslims’ not only to condemn as Obama did [ I mean condomed ] but to go for the big kill instead. Check for ‘Moderate’ in dictionary first. Faggot.
    Bill Maher is carving Anglosexual Geographical Apostate Muslims Tombstones.
    It ain’t funny! Don’t the frogs get it? French caricatures are deadly mind-numbing tedious and satirically atrocious. They got to be grateful; Baghdadi saved the Whole World off the Hebdo Mind Monotony Torture. I blame Baghdadi for taking so long to fuck Hebdo. Funded by Saudi Paris scumbags are committing Blesamphy for decades whenever they ran outta something to talk about. Hebdo knows that in ‘Quran’ ‘death sentence’ is another word for ‘Nobel Prize’ awarded to Blesamphous Dickheads its ‘Noahide and Mosaic Law’ read your bible. Jean-Paul Sartre!
    MUSTSEE: Charlie Hebdo is obsessed with his mom’s clitoris you can clearly notice it all over his uninteresting cartoons.
    Like a loose child Charlie Hebdo was mooning Baghdadi “Still No Attacks in France,” the Jackass saying “Just wait — we have until end of January to present our New Year’s wishes.” In another word; ‘come and get me Baghdadi’. Kahboom! Now look what has he done? How humor terror went deadly? They got 12 killed including 4 cartoonists. Saint Peters must have bad hair day at the pearly gate. Francois Hollande must hurry and invade Tunisia. To make it more interesting and beat Sarkozy next election. Francois! go and occupy Yemen.
    To save Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed Professor James Moriarty than featuring Dr. John Watson.
    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
    Time is up! Standup like a man or die like a coward 1000 times.
    Islam is Quarter of Planet Earth. Don’t worthy the worthless. It’s ain’t impressive since 99% of Muslims are poor, sidelined, profiled and tagged indiscriminately as Terrorists and must be gunned-down at sight as subhuman. Muslim elders, women and children are insulted, terrorized and even beaten in EU, UK and US airports. Some Anglosexual Geographical Apostate Muslims shave their legs and had their women dress-up as cheap greasy hookers to impress EU, UK and US unemployables to let ‘em in. It’s all Muslims’ fault. they’re cowards and hypocrites to let the 1% Anglosexual Geographical Apostate fuck Islam, loot their fortune and dole their Hydrocarbons and Commonwealth to Common Thieves and Seigniorage Banksters to save EU, UK and US from imminent tyranny. That ain’t fun but deadly Diaspora. He/she who thinks that Muslims are regarded as human; his/her tailgate needed to be rammed.

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