BPI reblog Daily Archives: January 16, 2015

Daily Archives: January 16, 2015

VIDEO Pelosi pick: Make U.S. schools like madrassas – “Moderate Muslims” Are Irrelevant to America and World – 22 terror camps in USA

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:
Jan 13, 2015 by Bethany Blankley Many argue terrorist attacks are committed by extremists. However, as I have repeatedly argued a small minority has always been responsible for implementing violent ideology to overtake the…


Originally posted on TMQ2 – The Infidel Country Club:
Fourteen years after 9/11, we still lack a strategy. Congress should lead with hearings on the enemy and how to prevail. By Newt Gingrich | The Wall Street Journal The United States…

Asking for wisdom

Originally posted on Naomi Fata:
Reflecting on my post from last week about our struggle to cultivate a balanced life, I have asked myself What is the root reason I pray for balance? What is it that I am asking…

This Map Shows 22 Confirmed Terrorist Training Camps Inside the US… Obama Is Ignoring Them

Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer:
Conservative Tribune Homegrown terrorism may be even closer than we feared. A new report indicates that the FBI is aware of 22 Islamic “communes” inside the United States. These are allegedly run…

Obama has 15% popularity with active-military members

Originally posted on Cry and Howl:
Just think folks, in two years we’ll have a new president. It’s very doubtful any Republican could or even would attempt to undo the damage done to American by Hussein Obama and company. Republicans…

After the Paris murders: Islam and the West, and blaming the Jews

After the Paris murders: Islam and the West, and blaming the Jews | Anne’s Opinions, 14th January 2014 The horrific terrorist murders in Paris have led to much thinking and opining about the root causes of the attacks and Muslim…

Egypt Warns of Muslim Brotherhood Organizations in U.S. – Open Letter to the French President

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:
An Egyptian government website features a warning that the Muslim Brotherhood has a lobby in the U.S. disguised as civil society organizations. January 14, 2015 By Ryan Mauro An Egyptian government website features a…

Austria: 14-year-old Muslim bomb plot boy on the run

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:
Baby-faced bomb plotter Merkan G. Photo: Police Published: 15 Jan 2015, The Local A 14-year-old boy who was arrested in October for plotting to explode a bomb at a crowded railway station has gone…

Allahu Akbar! Another Case of Work Place Violence, Mr. President?

Originally posted on Asylum Watch:
If this report from Shoebat.com is correct. and they usually are, the black boxes recovered from the  crashed AirAsia flight QZ8501 revealed the last words of the pilots was “Allahu Akbar!”. The pilot was clearly…

The Real Scandals of the Paris March

The Real Scandals of the Paris March January 14, 2015 by Bruce Thornton via The Real Scandals of the Paris March | FrontPage Magazine. Commentators on both the left and the right are slamming President Obama for missing the march…

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