Michigan Militia Will Not Allow P.D. to enter 77 Yr Old Man’s Barber Shop

The Mad Jewess

Michigan Militia Will Not Allow P.D. to enter 77 Yr Old Man’s Barber Shop

Well, Praise God.  This is excellent news.  Men are still men in Michigan. People have to pay bills you idiot, Leftist Globalist filth.  Starving to death is much worse than Covid.

  • Dozens of people are still gathering outside the business to show support. Saturday morning there was a line of more than 15 customers outside the door waiting for haircuts.  NBC 25 News

Michigan militia members say they won’t allow police to arrest 77-year-old barber defying Democratic Gov. Whitmer’s shutdown order

  • “We are here to make sure he doesn’t get arrested,” Daniel Brewer told the station Saturday. “We’re willing to stand in front of that door and block the entrance so the police will have no entry there today.” At  the Blaze

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