The Fabulous Fifties

The Mad Jewess

Dinner is Served, 1950’s Style - The Vintage Housewife


Except for technology, everything was better in the 1950’s, and I do mean everything.The 1950s saw car styles change every year. Later in the 1950’s cars got big fins and looked like they could take off. Television was new and we had only 3-6 channels to watch but there was always something good on. Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hop-A-Long Cassidy and the Lone Ranger rode the TV range while Amos n Andy, I Love Lucy, Bilko and Jackie Gleason brought us laughs. Variety gave us Ed Sullivan and Perry Como along with Patti Page and Jo Stafford. Even commercials were not the mindless drivel of today. Most of them were jingles that you could sing along to all day long. More important, commercials were limited in number to each program and the programs gave us new shows almost all year long. We got a few reruns in mid…

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