Far-Left Antifa Suspects in Beating of German Camera Crew Come From Privileged Backgrounds

Allah's Willing Executioners

Two of the six far-left extremists Antifa suspects involved in the brutal beating of a German television crew have been revealed as coming from a privileged middle-class background, originally from a well-off Swabian town.

The two suspects, 27-year-old Miriam S. and her 25-year-old brother Simon S., were arrested shortly after the attack on a camera crew of German broadcaster ZDF on May 1st in Berlin that sent four members of the crew to the hospital with various injuries suffered during the brutal assault. The background of the pair has now been revealed by German newspaper Die Welt which reports that the two Antifa extremists originally come from the small wealthy town of Schwaigern near Heilbronn in the historic Swabia region, now divided between Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria.

According to the paper, both siblings have connections to far-left extremist groups and have expressed support for Antifa and migrant transport NGOs in the past.

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