Germany: Afghan man attacks several cars waiting at a red light with a knife

Allah's Willing Executioners

Last Sunday, around 8:45 p.m., a 25-year-old Afghan attacked several cars stopping at a traffic light intersection on the street Zschokkestraße in Munich. In the process, the 25-year-old damaged three cars waiting there with a kitchen knife ( scratches and dents, a total damage of several thousand euros). No persons were injured. Several police cars of the Munich police department drove to the scene after being called for help. The police arrived within a very short time and were able to arrest the 25-year-old near the crime scene. He was still carrying the knife, a kitchen knife, with him. This was seized as evidence. During the arrest, the suspect made some incoherent statements.

The motivation for the crime is unclear and is the subject of further investigations by the Munich police. He was charged with the initial suspicion of attempted robbery against motorists.
During the course of the day, the…

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