Maltreatment of pupils by a Syrian “teacher” at a German school

Allah's Willing Executioners

As an inquiry by the AfD Group brought to light, a frightening incident occurred at the Astrid Lindgren primary school in Blankenfelde-Mahlow in March this year. According to classmates, a “teacher” with Syrian nationality from the Refugee Teachers Programme grabbed a pupil in the 6th grade by the neck and pressed him against the blackboard. The reason for this is said to have been that the student allegedly did not follow a command.The education policy spokesman of the parliamentary group, Dennis Hohloch, makes it clear: “It is completely incomprehensible that a Syrian man without a teaching qualification can take over the supervision of school children in Brandenburg alone. The Refugee Teacher Program must be stopped immediately. It has not yet produced any demonstrable benefit in combating the shortage of teachers. In addition, the incident should have been reported immediately by the director to the Brandenburg state education authority. However, she…

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