Muslim double murderer in Austria mocks his victims and claims: “Only Allah can judge me!”

Allah's Willing Executioners

Photo: Landespolizeidirektion Oberösterreich

Jamal A.,(photo) the allegedly Afghan-born double murderer of Wullowitz, is said to be mocking his victims, an aid worker for asylum seekers and a farmer, according to media reports in prison. He would have no regrets. And only Allah could judge him.

The 33-year-old Afghan had slit the throat of a 32-year-old Red Cross helper. “In revenge”, as he had now expressed it. Allegedly David N. had arranged that he was no longer allowed to work in the old clothes collection of the community. His first victim lost the fight for his life after a few days in hospital.On the run, Jamal A. passed a farmhouse. There he murdered the old farmer Franz G. The newspaper Heute quoted the suspected double murderer with the words that the farmer had not been willing to give him his car. This was his death sentence. Somehow he thought it was…

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