It was a German Colonel who helped the Turks plan the Greek Genocide

Allah's Willing Executioners

It was a German Colonel who helped the Turks plan the Greek Genocide 2

Speaking in 2018 to Pontian Greeks living in Toronto about the genocide of their ancestors, former General Frangoulis Frangos of the Greek Military revealed the leading role of the Germans,Stohosreported.

Frangos explained that it was a German military leader who was the instigator of the extermination of Greeks, Armenians and other populations by the “method” of hardship and exhaustion, through death marches.

It was like a test of what the Nazis did a few years later against Jews and others.

The role of a German Colonel was a catalyst.

In his speech, General Frangos said:

“In October 1911 in Thessaloniki, the Young Turks – now the government of the Ottoman Empire – decided at a conference to exterminate non-Muslim nationalities and violent Muslims – of multinational origin,” he said.

In their decision it is precisely stated that:

“Turkey must become an Islamic country, where the religion of Islam…

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