“Nearly All the Doctors Who Have Died of Covid-19 in the UK Have Been Ethnic Minorities”

Allah's Willing Executioners

It’s an interesting data point.I touched on itwhile writing about immigrant workers in Swedish nursing homes.

In early April, some medical experts estimated that Somalis represented 40% of the coronavirus deaths in Stockholm and 18% of the death toll in Sweden. That may be because of Stockholm’s first 15 coronavirus deaths,6 of those who died were Somalis. The Somalis have been followed by Iraqis, Syrians, and Afghans as being significantly overrepresented among the ranks of coronavirus cases.

In early April, the Norwegian Institute of Public Healthrevealed thatimmigrants made up 1 in 5 cases of the virus and that 1 in 100 Somalis in Norway had tested positive for the virus. A week later, it was 1 in 4. Somalis made up6% of confirmed cases. And in Helsinki, Finland, Somalis accounted for 17% of cases.

The coronavirus is a recent phenomenon and we don’t have all the answers as…

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