>> Horrible Flooding In MI May Lead To Catastrophe Of DOW Chem Plant

The Mad Jewess

Horrible Flooding In MI May Lead To Catastrophe Of DOW Chem Plant

Red Light Alarm Sticker by aritzia for iOS & Android | GIPHYAs if things are not bad enough for the people in Michigan…Now this:  100% FED UP is covering this catastrophic mess in MI at length

Pray for the people in Michigan that are really affected by this.  

I hate to say it but I have to:  We all need to get humble before God and I pray we do–corporately speaking because we ARE under serious judgment in America because God has allowed anything and everything to cover the path across America.  We’ve allowed the murder of over 55 million babies. We have allowed filthy, depraved sexual, detestable things. Idol worship, the Government has become ‘g’od, homosexual marriage, drunkenness, satan worship, pedophilia and things so horrible, a person shouldn’t even mention.

God have mercy. Please Lord have grace.  Im just shaking my head because it’s all here…

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