ObamaGate: The Conspirators Must Pay a Price

The Conservative-Patriot Christian Right

A few days ago I had an issue between Microsoft Windows 10 Update and my PC. In working with Microsoft techs over a period of days I ended with a software/hardware issue with my Computer’s detection of Internet service terminated as in rendered non-existent. Late yesterday a Microsoft Level 2 tech walked me through a restoration process in moments that hours of time in previous days of tech action ended with zero Internet.

You can tell my frustration with the post entitled, “Future Blogging”. I thought perhaps I might be without effective blog writing tools for weeks. But thanks to a Level 2 at Microsoft I can resume writing and sharing Conservative thinking that I am convinced Microsoft as a whole probably is not happy about.

With that blog update here is a post submitted by Justin Smith calling for accountability for the treasonous actions of the Obama…

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