Germany: An alleged 16-year-old Somali man tries to rape a woman and thereby seriously injures her

Allah's Willing Executioners

A 16-year-old man is said to have seriously injured a woman in Mühlacker (Enz district) with bites and blows, according to police on Friday, when neighbours alarmed officers during the night because they heard loud screams from an apartment in an apartment building.

The police officers kicked in a locked door and arrested the young man who had beaten the 23-year-old woman lying on the floor and bleeding. According to initial findings, the 16-year-old Somali had apparently demanded sexual acts from the woman, which she refused to do. Thereupon the two got into a violent argument, in which the young man not only beat the woman but also inflicted deep bite wounds on her face. The 23-year-old woman was taken to a clinic with serious injuries. The suspect is in custody. According to the police, he has not yet made any statement about the events.

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