Patel to close Channel loophole exposed by Farage that allows illegal migrants to reach UK

Allah's Willing Executioners

Home Secretary Priti Patel is planning on changing international law in the Channel to close a loophole that is allowing hundreds of illegal migrants to cross over from France. Ms Patel has been described as “furious” about the crisis which was highlighted by Nigel Farage last week and has vowed to put a stop to it. Tensions have also been raised with the French over allegations that their authorities are escorting boats of illegal migrants into British waters from camps in northern France. And Mr Farage warned that over the summer the Kent coastline is “facing an invasion” unless swift action is taken.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on the government with Tory MPs writing letters demanding action is taken.

A source close to the Home Secretary said: “She is not happy about what is going on.”

But the source insisted that it was wrong to accuse the French of escorting…

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