The National Sheriffs Rebellions

The NeoConservative Christian Right

John R. Houk

© May 24, 2020

Spiro Skouras shows various interviews of local sheriffs across the nation who have grown weary authoritarian Governors locking down their State based largely on contested science propounded by Globalist (actually Marxist oriented) scientists more interested political agenda control than the actual medical wellbeing of human beings.

Scientists and doctors looking at the actual data are being censored for drawing different conclusions than control-freak Globalist scientists.

The first interview is from a sheriff in Washington State under the unconstitutional dictatorship of Governor Jay Inslee. That caught my attention because I grew up in Washington State acquiring my entire primary, secondary and college education there. I last left the State of my youth in 1998. I have lived in Oklahoma since. I am tremendously saddened how the Dem Party has stolen the Liberty of Americans residing in Washington. Especially among the Washingtonians living…

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