This is what ISIS is doing in Europe during the coronavirus crisis

Allah's Willing Executioners

The problem of Islamic terrorism is still present in Europe even if it has been overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic. Here seven examples of Islamic terrorist attacks as well as planned attacks that have haunted the continent in the midst of what is arguably the worst crisis Europe has faced this century.

Terrorist attack in Bavaria

German police detained a German of Turkish origin who proclaimed his support for ISIS and carried outseveral attacks on buildings owned by Turksin the Bavarian city of Waldkraiburg. Police detained him only after stopping him for having an invalid ticket while riding the train. Authorities later found dozens of bombs and weapons at the detained man’s house.

According to the media, establishments, and buildings belonging to the Turks faced a series of attacks since April, with the suspect saying his “hatred of Turks” motivated his attacks.

According to the police, his arrest…

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